Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Along the edge where the ocean meets the land..." and No kids!!!

So, the weekend of March 27 found us without children. My son went to his mom's for her birthday, and Chris's children's father came down to see them.

So what did we do with our free time? SLEPT.

No, not really. We like to get out to hear live bands and things, but we also get out to do some crazy adventures.

This particular weekend we decided to go for a bike ride and do some geocaches in Back Bay / False Cape State park.

When we got going the weather seemed like it would be fine, but it turned very quickly. The temperature dropped pretty drastically, and a cool dense fog set it.

We thought we would be able to ride on the gravel paths down through the park, but they were closed off due to migrating birds.

We were forced to ride on the beach. This turned out to be a very fortuitous turn of events. We saw our first snake of the year. We found a lot of very cool shells. We had a close encounter with a turkey vulture eating a sting ray (there were several sting rays washed up), and the beach was basically deserted.

By the time we reached False Cape (3-4 miles) we had stopped collecting shells. We just had too many nice ones. Anything inhabited we left were it was though.

Riding "along the edge where the ocean meets the land" is where the sand is firmest. It is still difficult, but doable. When we could finally turn inland the sand was too soft to ride in and we had to ditch the bikes.

We found the spot where the geocache should be, but we could not find the cache. We did find a nice family of boar though. I think there were three adults, three children, and they were all rooting through the mud like mad.

The ride back wasn't too bad and we stopped to eat some great food at Margie & Rays. Thank God they haven't closed too.


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