Sunday, March 22, 2009


Work is work. Week days are all work.

Evening time is homework, house work, cooking, eating, sometimes cleaning, then finding some relaxation after my son goes to bed.

Weekends are where the wild things are. Wild days, wild kids, wild nights, wild adventures, wild relaxation, and wild exhaustion.

Last weekend was a wild Sunday. My Girlfriend and I took the boys and a friend of hers to Mt. Trashmore. Mt. Trashmore is a dump that was converted into a huge park back in the early 70's I think. The boys ride ripstiks, bikes, play games, sports, run up the hill, down the hill, roll down the hill, and more there.

While the kids were playing, the parents were really hard at work keeping track of everyone....
After lunch we grabbed the GPS to find some geocaches!!

We found two caches, but the third eluded us. We had to race back to the house. Chris's boys are in scouts and they had a meeting at 4pm. They were learning about rockets! Meaning, they were going to shoot some off.

More on this later!


  1. Rockets? That sounds like fun!

    Unless your North Korea. Then it's not.

  2. My son learned about rockets in 4-H this year he has more fun with the animals than the rockets.


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