Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break Part 2 - Who's in a rush?

Not us.

Already I'm forgetting things we have done.

The first night we were there (Part 1), we also went into downtown Charleston to walk around. I told Chris about the things I knew about Charleston, walked all the way down the Battery, and then up Church St. We were amazed at how old some of the buildings were. 100-200 years old. Most of them were homes people own and live in. I also gave Chris my version of the ghost tours of Charleston. Since it was dark and deserted, she was a little creeped out.

Coffee with a granola bar was breakfast next to the lake. The time was sometime before noon, but definitely not before 9am. :-)

We just watched the birds and squirrels and talked.

When we got motivated, we left. Today we weren't sure about everything on the agenda, but two things were certain, Ft. Sumter and BBQ. We improvised everything else along the way.

We found a very cool Mediterranean restaurant called Ali-Baba's. I got the Falafel. Hands down it was the best ever. They just off 17 in Mt. Pleasant, just after the bridge.

After our quick lunch we were ready for Ft. Sumter, where the Civil War began. We decided to purchase a combo ticket, one for Fort Sumter and one for a carriage tour of Charleston. It saved us a little money and we were going to do both anyway.

On the way out to Fort Sumter, they play a lot of history sound bites. Charleston is getting close to being 400 years old you know. It has a lot of History, and it has played some major roles in History. It doesn't seem like it today, but South Carolina was one of the wealthiest colonies and states up until just after the Civil War.

One of the highlights of the trip was the soon to be Ranger that gave us a great History lesson about the part the Fort played before and during the Civil War. It was both educational and entertaining. It is always amazing to me how much History we miss in school.

After the short History refresher, we wandered around the Fort taking pictures. We found three unexploded mortar shells in the north wall of the Fort. The Ranger said these were duds shot at the Fort during the Civil war from the south.

Fort Sumter sits right in the middle of Charleston Harbor. Charleston Harbor, even before Fort Sumter was built, has always been very well defended, and has never been taken by sea.

After Fort Sumter we went to a place that in my opinion serves the best BBQ of any place on the planet. Bessinger's BBQ. They cook their BBQ with a thick hickory flavor and a mustard based sauce. Everytime I go through Charleston or Columbia SC I get some of their BBQ. Chris has never had it before, and she has never had hash either. She got a little of both. :-) She asked what hash is. I honestly don't know, but I know it is good, and I know I probably shouldn't ask.

She also got what I call Grandma sweet tea. My Grandmother in SC used to make the sweetest tea on the planet. If you run out of syrup, you can pour the tea on your pancakes.

We thought about doing a ghost tour that night, but we just went back to the cabin instead.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. We sure enjoyed taking them. :-) Charleston is a beautiful place!


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