Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break Part 3 - Bridges, Carriages, Markets, and Ghosts

So, day three began much like day two, leisurely waking up and enjoying the morning.

While we wanted to do a Carriage Tour of Charleston, we (well at least I did) wanted to walk the Cooper River Bridge. We parked at Patriot's Point and headed across the bridge. We took a lot of pictures along the way.

It was quite a windy day up on the bridge!

From the bridge you can see Patriot's Point in Mt. Pleasant with the USS Yorktown, the USS Lafey, a Coast Guard Cutter, and a WWII Diesel Submarine. Off in the distance you can see Shem Creek, Ft Sumter, Castle Pickney, James Island, The Battery, most of Charleston, the Carolina Aquarium, and more. You can almost see all the way to Goose Creek to the north.

It is quite a high point considering Charleston is part of the "Low Country" of South Carolina. Some parts of Charleston are at or below sea level. When it rains, parts of Charleston can flood quite dramatically.

The walk over the bridge was just awesome. The pictures say more about it really.

After the bridge we went into to Charleston to claim our Carriage Tour. We had a nice draft horse named Marty to take us around, and a great guide named Fred. The city actually licenses tour guides and you have to pass a test to be one. There are three routes and they are randomly assigned by the City to control the horse (or mule) traffic. In other words you don't know what you are going to get until after you get going.

There is so much to learn that it is exciting every time I go.

After the tour we wandered around the market looking for souvenirs for the boys. Chris got her boys some agate book ends while I got Brandon a carved dragon. The boys loved their gifts.

There is no shortage of good food in Charleston, but somehow we managed to get away with only a bowl of ice cream!

We booked the ghost tour for that evening and then headed back to the cabin for a spell.

On the way back into Charleston that night (because ghost tours have to happen at night...and after 9:30pm) I ducked in to get another Falafel. Delicious.

The ghost tours are walking tours that talk more about the history of the city, its graveyards and cemeteries, and the people that lived and died there. They are always fun and exciting. It was nice that they covered stories I hadn't already told Chris. :-)

We finished up about 11pm and headed back to the cabin.

We thought about getting up to head over to Middleton Place early in the morning...


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