Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break....Part 1 - The Journey South

While we were thinking of making big plans for Saturday...we packed instead. Backpacks for hiking and camping, other bags for our three days in Charleston, SC.

Why Charleston, SC?

It is warmer than Virginia Beach. Easy to get to. I know it VERY well. There is so much to do. There is a ton of History wrapped up in Charleston. There is a lot of Art in Charleston. And it is a great place to take pictures.

There is also some incredible food in Charleston.

We had some ideas about leaving early Sunday morning, but since we were on vacation we took our time. Being Easter Sunday, the traffic was actually very light.

We stayed at a KOA in Mt. Pleasant, SC. It was very clean, easy to get to, and very comfortable. After we got unpacked and settled in (see the pictures), we set off for Shem Creek.

Shem Creek is where the fishing trawlers come back into and dump their loads. There have been several restaurants built there on the water that serve very fresh seafood. We sat by the window in Waters Edge and enjoyed the Dolphins and Pelicans that had made their way up the creek. We laughed with the little girls behind us and ate a huge and impossibly delicious meal. If you get a chance, stone ground grits goes well with just about any seafood. You should try it. We drove around Patriot's Point too.

After dinner we headed back to the cabin to plan the next day's adventure!


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