Sunday, April 05, 2009

This time with the kids....Back Bay Bike Bonanza

It was a little windy. Not like a hurricane, but not exactly unlike it either. The winds were coming out of the South....Exactly where we were headed.

The idea was to park at the city parking lot in Sandbridge and then bike to False Cape. This would add about 2 miles on to the total bike ride each direction. It would not have been all that much of a problem if the wind had cooperated.

We did a quick cache across the street from the parking lot and then headed south.

We stopped at visitor's center for a little while and then headed south again.

About a mile before the cache we lost two of the party to the wind. Brandon, John, and I forged on. It really was a beautiful day, just windy. The spot very close to the cache we were going for was really nice as you can see by the pictures.

We hope to camp with the boys soon down in False Cape. It is right on the ocean, there is lots of wildlife (otters, boars, deers, horses, snakes, and more), and a lot of geocaches.

Total round trip was 9 miles. It was a lot easier going back. :-)


The next post is about spring break, spending some time in Charleston, SC, and hiking on part of the Appalachian Trail (AT). :-) It is going to take a little longer to write and I may have a guest author for parts of it. :-)

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