Sunday, March 25, 2007

Emotional Unvailability....

Is a book I borrowed from a dear friend. It is written by Bryn C. Collins, McGraw Hill, 1997. I started reading it tonight. The first couple of paragraphs kind of hit home for me right away....

"That's what an emotionally unavailable relationship feels like. You're just never quite good enough to get admitted to the party. You get seduced by the clear, often indirect and unspoken, message that something is just a little wrong. If you can fix that, the implied promise goes, you'll be the guest of honor and win the door prize: love.
But when you fix what was wrong the first time, something else is a little wrong. And when you fix that, something else will appear.
What's so unsettling and painful is that you end up with the clear belief that this is somehow your fault and that it's your responsibility to fix it by being perfect. If it ins't fixed, you're not perfect enough."

I will be finishing this book pretty quickly, and probably looking into some more. I just can't seem to get relationships figured out. I will post a few more excerpts from the introduction to this book. Insightful and healing is how I can best describe it so far.

Emotional Unavailability


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