Tuesday, March 20, 2007

News, some good, some not....

Well Good News first...not THE Good News, just good news...

Brandon was selected with three other students in his class to represent them in a school competition called challenge 24. The object is to take four numbers and add, subtract, multiply, and divide them to equal 24. An example is 8 6 6 2. 8-6=2. 2*2=4. 4*6=24. :-) He has been doing this for a while now and loves the game. The competition is Friday morning.

We are also going camping on Friday through the weekend. We are going to Bear Island. It is about a mile kayak trip out to the island. We are both really looking forward to this!

Not so great news is that Brandon is beginning to have temper tantrums again. In school and at home. I am out of ideas and options in this. Looking for help from doctors and anywhere I can find it. Keep us in your thoughts.


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