Friday, October 17, 2008


I worked out. I was starting to feel hungry.

I messaged a few friends with a simple text: "Sushi?"

Seems everyone has a date. I have an 11 year old. So much for spontaneity. We may still go. We both LOVE sushi. I was looking for some adult company though.

My voice came back some today. I didn't realize how much I HAVE to talk in my job. Now it has gone away again.

I read this article today. While helping out and doing more than just working has helped my son (This could be debatable), it certainly didn't do anything to help or salvage my marriage. In a way it set the stage for her to let go of everything. It really isn't that important, it just leads to the next item...

You see, you may not find it funny, but I did. On the off chance that you MIGHT find it funny, I'll share it with you....

I sent the article to a neighbor this morning. She responded back just a minute ago that she would read it later...that her kids were fighting. I told her, "Give them bats. Survival of the fittest or the fleetest. It's the organic parenting method." I don't think she thinks it is funny. You may not either...but I do! :-)


  1. Interesting article and I see it. I wonder if the moms that compain about doing it all (those I know) would be happy (really happier) if their husbands took a small percent of the work. I mean, are the moms really complaining or are they just venting... and in my mind there is a difference.

    Without a husband or a former spouse around to take half the work, I find that I am much more relaxed about it. I would love the help and if he wanted to take her for a day I would love it - miss her a tad but... watch out DC!! But... I can see that a parent can identify themselves with their child to the point that the loss of that work, the role in the child's life, that "I am super parent able to handle everything" can cause issues.

  2. I don't think it is venting for most... I think they'd love to have a helper to share the domestic load- at least the married ladies I know. It would help bind the marriage, I think. I don't know... never had it. M- I thought you meant BLACK BATS... like... uh... the kind that carry rabies in 4% of the population! That made it a whole DIFFERENT kind of funny to me at the time!


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