Monday, October 20, 2008

My instigative nature

Sometimes abbreviations and acronyms lead me into temptation. Honestly, I rarely resist that temptation.

I am an instigator. This can also mean that I am a manipulator. It is true.

I will "SUGGEST" methods and means for others to use for their own or someone else's gain, or for my own entertainment. I lack the ability, or maybe the determination, to employ the power for my personal gain. I don't consider "for my entertainment" my personal gain for some reason.

I'm sure a lot of it comes from growing up with three younger brothers.

Here is a story that happened just over a week ago that highlights this:
You may recall how I went to DC last weekend. I visited with Liz and her two amazing children. Liz has a friend named Kevin that came to take the youngest out for a grand adventure while Liz, her oldest, my son, and I met The Exception and her daughter for lunch and the symphony. Liz was explaining Kevin, who is not a father, that he will have to change her son's diaper at some point. Kevin was about to laugh it off when Liz told him she was quite serious. She said "He has all the same parts as you..." Now Kevin is a young, terrific, involved, inspired, and responsible guy. I'll have to let Liz tell you about the rest of that part of the story.

Early in the evening we meet back up with Kevin and the youngest and the six of us have some Thai food. Kevin relates his adventures, including how a three foot alligator came into the possession of the youngest, while the boys were keeping the wait staff busy bringing replacements for things dropped on the floor. After dinner we had to walk back to the garage that Kevin parked the truck in. We had to navigate through a little multi-level mall.

We were just about to the last escalator that led down to the truck. Liz and I were in the back while Kevin was ahead with the boys. Yes, I am sad to say I corrupted her with my plan. I whispered, "Lets hang back and see how Kevin does with the boys when they see we are not there." Liz, I'm so sorry. Please let Kevin know.

Se we stepped back behind corner and listened. Kevin was trying to call Liz's eldest back to him while trying to coax the younger to step on the escalator and even I don't want to know what mine was doing (mine firmly believes DC is his own personal amusement park / playground / jungle gym). It was audibly obvious that Kevin was in trouble by his increasingly excited exclamations to the diverging children.

We quickly stepped around the corner to see Kevin breathing heavily holding the youngest's hand, and the other two happily bouncing up the other escalator to rejoin the party. Liz's eldest apparently idolized my son (him being 4 and mine being 11) and tried to do everything Brandon did. Again, I'm so sorry Liz, I know your son learned a lot you would have rather he had not.

Kevin quickly told us that he had to sprint back up the escalator to get the youngest, which is why he was breathing heavy, while trying to keep an eye on and issuing verbal instructions to the others.

So we all had a good laugh. All was well. But I tell you this so that you know, I'm an instigator. Beware of anything I may say to you in person, in an email, or on your blog...


  1. I am still laughing about that incident -- Thank goodness Kevin was such a good sport.

    (For the record, Kevin is my brother's boyfriend. They are so stinkin' cute together and I adore them both, and them together! And not only because Kevin babysits my kids and spoils them rotten...I will get my payback if/when he and my brother have kids of their own!)

    And Mike -- No need for apologies!! Jack adores Brandon. Nothing he learned from him wasn't something he wouldn't have figured out on his own anyway...Boys will be boys!!

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  3. what?
    you an instigator?
    this is my shocked face. can you see it from there???

  4. This is hilarious! I didn't realize you two were in cahoots to do me in on that infamous escalator, Mike!

    What an instigator!

    It was great to meet you and Brandon - I had a blast!

    Hope all's well down in VA Beach.


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