Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday outlook...


It was nice to wake up this morning with open windows, cool air, and the sound of 6am. It was still dark. I couldn't sleep though. Strange dreams.

We were supposed to go to Busch Gardens today. The idea of traipsing about in the rain going from eating place to eating place with an Irish dance show here or there just isn't as appealing as soaring through the fall air over the varying hues of Williamsburg's broad leaf trees on the back of the Griffon. Maybe tonight.

So, workout this morning (done). Chores. Breakfast. Maybe going to Glazenfyre today or maybe just Michaels to get crafts for B and I (like I NEED another mess to clean up).

I'm coughing like crazy, my throat is starting to hurt, my voice comes back sporadically, and I re-injured my rib/oblique at softball Thursday. Yeah yeah "Why did you play?"...Just let me be me. I wasn't coughing last week so healing is going to take longer. I'll be very happy when I can do my ab workouts and pull ups again. Until then I'm cranking up the resistance on the eliptical. I need to get my legs in shape for snowboarding. :-) Roll your eyes if you must, but until you've looked down from the top of an 11,000' mountain, accelerated through whisper quiet powder, cut and curved like you were surfing down a huge white wave, felt the physical-emotional-spiritual adrenaline surge, and collapsed into a cloud of this soft white powder laughing uncontrollably, you just won't understand.

:-) Have a great Saturday!


  1. dude - that last sentence just totally turned me on... lets go.

    S and i were just talking about it last night. i'm looking at places right now.. any sugestions? hey, does B board? hahahahaha B board...

    sorry i'm a little tired

  2. B gets on the board long enough to say he was on it, then he just plays in the snow. I take him once a year, but it's always the same, he just wants to throw snowballs...nothing else. :-) I have a plane ticket I need to use by March. I may take the week between Christmas and New Years and go to Salt Lake City. :-)

  3. Oh, we are wanting to go down and spend some time at the Wolf Lodge and the Gardens!! I will have to pick a weekend to take the train down and do it - and you guys can come and hang out!!


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