Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Preps...

Tonight we ran some errands. Brandon needed a few things and we needed Halloween gear.

At Target we got socks and jeans.

Halloween store to get a costume.

Stoney's market to get a pumpkin.

Kroger's to get candy (way on sale), onions, peppers, salmon, and milk.

The salmon is for me. Onions and peppers for cheese steaks. Milk just cause we needed it.

Brandon carved out his pumpkin without incident. Well, mostly. I wish he would talk to me about his designs first. He had to redo it.

So we are set. Last year I went as Robert Smith from The Cure. This year I think I'll be back to the duster and cowboy hat. Plus I have a beard. :-)

I think the beard will be going away though. Some brown hair, some blond, some GRAY. I'm not ready for gray.


  1. No one is ever ready for that's half the reason why I have a date with a bottle of hair color this weekend!

    Enjoy your Halloween!

  2. As a guy though you can embrace the gray...unlike those of us who have been covering it since our early 20s.

    Hope y'all have fun tonight! Don't eat too much candy!!

  3. Gray? HA! Welcome to the club!

  4. FADKOG,
    Happy Halloween to you as well! I'm sure the hair color has not idea how lucky it is!

    I can't bring myself to embrace the gray. Not until 80. Maybe.

    yeah yeah...pretty soon I'll be wearing a hat too!

  5. You do rock the clean-shaven really well.

    I feel like I'm on borrowed time now and keep a stealthy eye out for the greys to begin.


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