Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The TRUTH is....

A friend of mine walked into a meeting she had called with several other high ranking government peers and said, "There are no virgins here right?" Her point was it was a meeting to get down to business and stop squabbling.

Another friend of mine recently sent me an email from some out-laws of hers. They were all up in arms because they found some information that said doesn't always do very thorough checking of their facts. They made the point that was slanted towards liberal views.

Ok, there are no virgins here right?

Do you honestly expect to get the "TRUTH" {cue Angelic "ahhhhh"} from a website, news channel, or news paper?

Do you honestly believe everything you read just because it came from someone that says they investigated it?

Mythbusters gets it wrong sometimes. Stephen Hawking gets it wrong sometimes. Einstein wasn't always right either.

Do YOU tell the truth all the time? Are you right all the time?

The X-Files got this right "Trust No One", but the Truth is not out there.

If you are a conservative then you listen to news sources that take the conservative side. Liberals vice versa. Do you want to hear the Truth? Of course not. You WANT to hear that what you believe is Truth. No one wants to be told that what they think or believe is wrong. That would be absurd.

There aren't as many absolutes as we sometimes think there are. When you read something, hear something, or see something, do not disengage your brain. You are no lemming. Avoid the mob mentality and weigh the facts and information for yourself.


  1. Wow! Isn't that the truth?!?! (or is it?)


  2. "There aren't as many absolutes as we sometimes think there are."

    including that one... oh king of vagueness!! lol jk ;)

    personally, i only listen to people who insert the disclaimer of "ok, so i admit i dont know EVERYthing" or "i could be wrong about this" or some version thereof. if you actually listen to me talk about anything, i always add that in to any real opinion i spout off with.

    besides, you know darn well that i am not totally right about almost anything at any given point in time. in fact, i'm full of crap RIGHT NOW... haha

  3. Don't tell me, you are ready for the election to be over?? ;)


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