Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July

I hope everyone has had a happy and safe 4th. Did you get to see fireworks? We had spectacular fireworks at the beach with a really cool band called "Borderline Crazy".

My 4th and my 3rd have run together and are threatening to collide with the 5th. Since I've slept about an hour in the in the last day and a half it all feels the same to me.

We won our dodgeball games! Our first real victory. We celebrated with Pizza and beer...then someone ordered shots. We had designated drivers, and we were off. Lots of alcohol later, we'd been through three bars and were heading back to a friend's house. We were up dancing and singing to 80's music until 5:30am. I also repaired a stereo while inebriated. At 7am I was up again while everyone else was sleeping.

By 11 we were all up and heading out for lunch. My truck is across the city from me so I am mostly stuck with the group.

After lunch we hit one bar, and then the 4th party at chicks beach. This was cool as there were a couple of kayaks and some floating platforms. After a little while there I went to dinner and the fireworks. Right now I am falling asleep, quite literally, on my keyboard.

good night!

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