Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm going to try and make you jealous...

Thursday afternoon I found out that the dive trip I wanted was not going to happen. They won't be going out until Tuesday. Damn. But Ok, I'm flexible and there are always other options. It didn't take long for them to materialize.

I made it to the beach around 3pm, my muscular frame rippling from carrying several things down to the shore and glistening from sweat and 30 spf waterproof bug repellent sunblock. I can embellish here by the way since it is my blog and I'm trying to make you jealous. :-)

The waves were breaking out at a sandbar as it was just past low tide. My body was soaking up the sun's warmth and energy like a sponge. I jumped in for a quick swim. Powerful strokes took me out the break point where I easily slid up and down the faces of the waves, imagining myself to be a sea otter playing in the ocean.

I came back in and that is where I met HER. This incredible, honest, gorgeous, intelligent single mom. Wow. It was like we had met somewhere before, I could read her like book. Her name was Rachel. She began talking, openly telling me about her single motherhood journey. I was spellbound, but I had to leave. Regrettably, I closed the book by Rachel Sarah, Single Mom Seeking, packed up my things, and headed to dodgeball.

Did it work? Were you jealous? :-)

1 comment:

  1. No, because you said you were trying to make me jealous.

    Also, I'm distracted by my broken computer.


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