Monday, July 14, 2008

You can't always get what you want, but...

I've been on both sides of this. Make sure you hover over the image to see the html title text that the author at XKCD puts in there.

How do you ever objectively evaluate whether you are in love with the relationship or really with the person you are in the relationship with? I have had a conservative and fossilized view of what relationships are and my place in them for a very long time. I'm trying to break those preconceived molds, the standards that come from fairy tales and other archaic places, and dig a little deeper inside of me to find out where and why relationships in the past just weren't a perfect fit. I would like to be able to recognize something that does work when it shows up. Maybe not really asking and looking for what I want, but rather knowing who I am and what will work. Honestly, it feels like it is all just a bunch of BS. Another moment of mirth, mocking, and malevolence from the Universe at large.

I did learn a drinking game Friday night. I had a blast. I was drinking water. No one was impressed, but I could drive home and I got up three hours later to surf with no ill effects. Surfing was awesome Saturday morning. Surfing would have been awesome Sunday too, but I was called into work. Words to live by, "No good deed goes unpunished". There are just times I should not answer my phone. I went to Williamsburg Saturday evening and had an amazing night. It was interrupted by phone calls from work though.

Sunday was spent mostly at work. I went out for Sushi with a friend Sunday night and then we went to say good bye to our very good friend Markus. Markus is going back to Germany. We will miss him. I didn't stay long though. I have to get back to my time zone. It has really thrown me out of sync.

Monday night I played beach volleyball in our league. We didn't do very well. I longed to get my surfboard out because the surf was awesome. That didn't happen, but maybe Tuesday. :-) We did go for a swim after volleyball. Valiantly we fought against the rip currents, but eventually they prevailed and we gasped, crawled, and collapsed on the beach. Well, not really, we just walked out before all that happened. We know our limits. I didn't hang out afterwards. I've been mad at myself for now working out, and not sleeping. I left and went for my workout (upper body) and I will hopefully get to bed early.

Good night from Bedlam, fourth floor, insanity ward #2.


  1. That cartoon describes my ex and I PERFECTLY!

    Maybe you need to stop thinking and just go with what happens??

  2. Laura,
    Stop thinking? :-D Well, I'd have to contemplate the ramifications of that, then compare with outcomes of the alternatives. Of course this would have to encompass short and long term ranges to adequately extrapolate the various possible forks of the decisions over weeks, months, and years....yeah, pretty much not possible for me. :-) However, a nice game of chess in the mean time....

  3. you are totally leaving your phone in the car next time... it can keep drama company ;)


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