Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Memories and Monsters

So I was talking to my son and listening to him recount his adventures of the past few days when he brought up some wasps. "Ground Wasps" he called them. I guess they found them at the barn where his mom works. He said, "Dad, do you remember the monster in the back yard? It was like that, only a bunch of them." I kind of laughed. I couldn't believe he not only remembered the wasp, but he remembered what we called it. Here is a picture that shows why it earned this moniker:

This wasp captured a caterpillar and dragged it back to it's nest in the ground, and somehow managed to get the thing inside.

When we go hiking, he always refers back to the famous "Dragon Hunt".

Being a parent is difficult. Being a single parent even more so. Being there to make memories that they will always have is priceless.


  1. Gah! That wasp was hardcore!

    I only do this single parenting gig sporadically, but you're right. I find I have to push through the sense of exhaustion or whatever it is I'm feeling to pick up those memories.

  2. I'm terrified by wasps, probably because I used to be allergic to bee stings. One day my son and his friend were climbing in a tree out back, building themselves a rope swing. After a while they came inside and went to his bedroom. Soon after that he tells me there are a few wasps in his room. We investigated - turns out the wasps had hitched a ride on my son and his friend's clothes from their home - a HUGE wasp nest on the ground near the tree where they were playing. Yikes.

  3. FADKOG,
    ALL parenting is hard and exhausting, single or not. Your children are so very fortunate to have such an extraordinary mom! And the Tool Man is certainly one lucky guy!

    I've been stung by countless wasps and bees. I'm not allergic, but that doesn't make the experience any more enjoyable. I'll outrun a track star if a swarm of bees or wasps comes up...and I have. :-)


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