Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Rain in the Summer Time....

Sunday night began with dinner and engaging conversation with my friend Robin. We then changed the venue to the Jeff Dunham "Spark of Insanity" comedy show and laughed until we couldn't breathe. Well, me. Robin, was amused, which is really quite impressive. Actually, I'm just giving her a really hard time as she is a really terrific person. Once the show was over we headed back to the cars and then spent the next two hours on the roof of the garage in downtown Norfolk in the rain. I love the rain in the summer time. It is a song by the Alarm too. I love swimming in the ocean too, and that has been a big part of the previous two Mondays before this most recent one. It is even better when I have agreeable company, and I have. It has helped my mood tremendously.

Being on vacation is helping my mood too. I guess I can use the vernacular I saw the other day and say it is a "Staycation". I was supposed to go to Cozumel, but those plans were regrettably altered and canceled.

Wednesday I stayed home and worked on projects around the house, practiced piano (because I'm ADHD like that), and worked out what I was going to do with the rest of my time off. I LOVE playing the piano. My passion for it is growing. Robin is fueling that passion with puzzling but effective motivational techniques. What I know about music wouldn't even complete a sentence, but through talking to her and reading my son's lesson's books, I'm improving. Lessons for me were supposed to start this week, but the Universe loves to antagonize me, so they won't start until next Tuesday. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. I've also been working on various parts of my scuba gear.

I think I'm going to the beach Thursday with my surfboard and hang out all day. I haven't done that in too long of a time. I just want to lay down in the hot sand and soak up the heat. I have a number of books I can take with me too like Security Metrics (Andrew Jaquith), Economics and Strategies of Data Security (Dan Geer), Single Mom Seeking (Rachel Sarah), Men are from Mars Women are from Venus (John Gray), and Bedtime Stories (Trey Ellis). I need to fax down some information to a dive shop for Friday.

Friday I'm planning on doing a two tank dive on U-85 out of the Outer Banks. The dive shop is My grandfather (step-mother's father) was a submariner, my dad was a submariner, and by odd forces at work in the Universe I am a submariner. Now I'm going to go see the first U-boat sunk off the Atlantic Coast. Friday evening should be dinner at the ocean front in Virginia Beach and fireworks on the board walk.

I don't know about the rest of the weekend yet.

My son seems to be doing very well at his mom's. I am very happy about that. I have a lot of work to do with daycare discovery, school, and doctors while he is gone to get prepared for the fall. My summer is constantly punctuated by the realities of what we have to work through.

Recently I had a discussion with my friend Robin and she asked if had a bracelet or something that said WWMD. What Would Macgyver Do? I printed it out and hung it up in my office. Why? There is so much more we can do with the resources around us, yet we too often just through things out and demand new things. Macgyver could find uses for the other stuff, or make it do what we want the new gadget to do and then some. This is how I want the people I work around to think, so I post signs and employ the Socratic method to pry open their minds as well as my own.

Check out XKCD for the cartoon that inspired this. Hover your mouse over the cartoon to get added messages. :-)

Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Wow... you have some really cool plans. Can I come? :-)

  2. MM,
    Sure. :-) However, be careful what you ask for, you might get it. :-D Company is always appreciated, but it's funny how no one ever sticks around long. I have to go back to work when I need rest. I like to "operationalize" impulsive initiatives when they are in "alignment" with fiscally responsible goals and can reliably improve efficiency in a holistic manner while being succinct, clearly defined, and clearly stated.

    Sorry, read your profile, thought I would have some fun. :-)

  3. holy crap will you please stop talking about me? i counted my name FOUR TIMES!!!

    haha! jk ^_^

    have a great time today and this weekend!! happy 4th!

  4. Robin,
    Now it is five. Remember, you laugh at me or hurt me, I use my most powerful weapon on you, I write about you! :-)


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