Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I was asked to be a guest blogger

On a forum that caters to single parents, Single Mom Seeking.

She asked me to contribute something about special needs children since it is a topic that isn't covered much. I told a little of my story and some of the ways I was looking for and finding help.


  1. Hi, I am toni I am part of we would love to be able to list you in the daddy blog area of our site. We also have a forum we would love to have you join the url is it is a forum all about blogging. We would be honored if you would come over and be a part of it, your blog is very touching.

  2. A friend of mines son has just been diagnosed with the same condition as your son!

    She is battling to find out more though - so I am definately going to send her here!

  3. ghostbloggers!!!
    who ya gonna call... haha

    hey, so to be nice - and i am actually nice sometimes - you did a great job on that "guest" blog. people need to be reminded they are not alone.

    why do we forget that so easily? why as human beings do we feel like we are the only ones? that is so intrinsic to the human experience - that process of feeling isolated and then having to motivate ourselves to reach out... and then being empowered by the information that there ARE others out there who relate, who sympathize and empathize, and who help carry us to the place we need to be. why are we so surprised when we find people like that?

    i'm not saying YOU - because you're not alone in that either - when i started doing research on a book idea i had, i found so many little "hidden" pockets of people exploring some of the same issues i was trying to address. i found it so helpful to just listen to other people's stories. and regardless of whether we discovered any solutions at all, we were just a little clearer and more determined than ever, just by talking it all out.

    anyway, i promise i wont make fun of you any more. at least not in writing... lol. i know you need all the positive energy you can find!! oxo

  4. Toni,
    I will certainly check it out!

    There is a lot of information on the condition if you know where to look, but she is also going to need some help with the school system too. IEPs vary by state and local and she'll need to know how to advocate for her son. Hopefully the schools where she is are helpful. I've been in some where they kept saying they just don't have the money. :-(

    It is kind of sad that in a world of six billion plus people we could ever feel alone. We do seem to find more ways to reach out all the time though.


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