Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Dance

Summer Dance

The long days are drawing in,
Cooling the warm summer winds,
Memories of summer friends,
Warm our hearts as summer ends.

Endless sand and sunset swims,
Tasting her amazing lips,
Drinks and laughs with groups of friends,
Hoping that it never ends.

Local bands and ocean surf,
Danced and played for all we’re worth,
Brilliant fireworks on the fourth,
Spirits soaring without a course.

As we move and intertwine,
To a rhythm full of chance,
Some moments stand still in time,
Highlights of the summer dance.


  1. This was wonderful and truly captured the joy of a summer!

  2. Beautiful!! And I'm a sucker for a man who's good with words... ;)

  3. And I'm a sucker for a man who remembers the tastes of a woman's lips after a summer like the one you've had.

  4. hey i saw this one... this is the one where the girl moves and she meets this boy on the beach and then they see each other in school but he's a greaser and she's a goody-goody so they cant be together and they pine away about those summer nights but by the end of the year they end up together because she becomes a slutty ho and then it's ok for them to be together... yeah, that was a good one.

    thanks CCD

    haha ;)


  5. TE,
    Thank you. It has certainly been a joy filled summer.

    I'm mostly goofy with words, but any semblance of talent or skill I owe all to my 10th grade English Teacher.

    It has been a busy summer, with many memorable highlights! Kissing is always at the top (since this is a mostly PG rated blog).


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