Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Going to DC was supposed to be fun. I was looking forward to it. I was looking forward to the work I was going to be doing. I was looking forward to the metro. I was looking forward to living the DC lifestyle for a few days. I was also trying to meet a few fellow bloggers while I was there. Specifically the authors of A Bright Future, The Hygiene Chronicles, and The Exception.

I read many blogs every day (Thank you Google Reader). All of them, in my opinion, are exceptional. Aside from a few people that I met first and then found out they had a blog, I haven't met any of them. I have emailed some. I have talked to a few. But never met any face to face. In my mind, getting to meet these people is like other people getting to meet their favorite celebrities. I was both excited and nervous. I had no expectations at all other than to have a few beers, some dinner, and to have some good laughs and discussions. I got so much more than that, and I am ever so grateful.

For the first time ever it was hard leaving DC. I quite literally ran out of gas talking to the author of The Exception, the one I didn't get to actually meet.

I now know that with my driving habits, my car will go exactly 392 miles on one tank of gas. Not one foot further. Not even the extra 200 yards required to reach the gas station. :-( I also know that I have a gauge that blocks the view of the warning light. I also know that despite all my claims to the contrary, talking with a bluetooth headset while driving is distracting and not safe. I hope you learn from my mistakes! I hope I learn from them too. :-)

There is so much to say I will take them one at a time.

So, to begin, there is this woman named Liz and she writes a blog called A Bright Future.

I need to emphatically impress upon you that Liz is enthralling. Somehow afternoon turned to twilight, then to evening, and then to night. I had no idea. I didn't care. I'm sure there were people coming and going all around us, but I was so captivated I did not notice. Liz is beautiful, sexy, smart, compassionate, funny, witty, exciting, adventurous, and much more. I could have talked to her all night, and through the next week. I tried. Being there never once felt awkward. It was in no way like meeting someone for the first time, but much more like good friends who were getting together to just talk and have fun. We knew we had limited time, so we launched into subjects unabashedly and segues were innumerable. We covered so much ground that it is all a blur. Stories, thoughts, and ideas came and went like the Perseid meteors. That summer evening was intoxicating and we guzzled it up.

So Liz, thank for a truly remarkable, memorable, and thrilling evening. Maybe next time we'll make up for that one missing beer issue. :-) Hopefully it will be soon!

Right now, I need sleep. More about the trip, the unexpected visitors and outings, and the other two really amazing bloggers tomorrow!


  1. We were even at 8 each...but if you'd like to a rematch, you know I'm game.

    Thank you for a wonderful evening!!

  2. That is so cool! I love meeting my blogger friends. Sounds like you and Liz had a FANTASTIC time.

    Life is great, ain't it?

    But howcome you and I haven't met? I mean, we live about twenty miles away from each other! :)

  3. How cool! I can't wait for you to meet The Exceptional Exception!

    I met Rob at Just a Man's Journey a while back. It is fun meeting fellow bloggers, isn't it?


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