Sunday, August 17, 2008


I went to see Star Wars Clone Wars tonight as a way to wind down the weekend. Word of advice, you can wait for this to hit the $9.99 and below bin at Target. It won't take long. This is a great example of a "Franchise" that needs to be spun off from its creator. It is past time for this to pass to new talent and for Lucas to just sit back and collect the checks. I am about to give up on the entire thing. It needs to be rescued like Batman The Dark Knight rescued that series. Is all I'm sayin'.

That isn't the strangeness however. I heard a song as I was pulling into my driveway earlier today. Gavin Rossdale's "Love Remains the Same". Something about it really caught my attention. The thing is the radio was still displaying the group and song title of the song before. I had to remember a line, head straight into google, and do a lyric search to find it. While sitting in the theater tonight, I found it is the theme song for the movie "Nights in Rodanthe". It was also played for some other advertisement. The funny thing about the advertising is that I remember the song or commercial, but have no idea what the product is later. :-) The movie looks good, but painful.

Now, Rodanthe is in the Outer Banks in NC. Not very far from me. I've been there. The Outer Banks are beautiful. I am wondering if the movie was actually filmed in the Outer Banks. "A Message in a Bottle" was also supposed to be set in the Outer Banks, but it was obviously not filmed there.

Still, I think that what people do in real life is much more interesting.
Check out Matt Logelin,. See his guest blog post at Single Mom Seeking. If you don't know the story you may want to grab a tissue before you get there.

On really funny note, you need to read the blog I found when "researching" the link on The Hygiene Chronicles blog.

Sarah and the Goon Squad. So, good night, because once you click the last link you are sure to be caught up in paroxysms of laughter so powerful you will not make it back.


  1. My sons, devout lovers of all things Star Wars, have seen the commercials for Clone Wars and have announced they have no desire to see it, which, yeah! I'm glad, for it saves me a ton of cash for something I'd likely nap through. I'm in complete agreement that it's time for George Lucas to stop now or relinquish the reigns a bit. We watched some of the revamped rereleases on TV not long ago, and I turned to my husband and said it felt like a part of my childhood had been pillaged.

    Great blog read suggestions, too, btw! I totally look like I was here forever because I went over to the others, but I came back! Don't be a doubter! Ha!


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