Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reflections on Saturday - "Life's like an hourglass glued to the table"

A funeral and wedding (sort of), hundreds of miles of highway, Blue Ridge Mountains, windy roller coaster back roads, and a beautiful blue sky with islands of cotton ball clouds. I talked with my friend Robin for a bit, listened to a lot of music, and drove really fast (I was late for the anniversary party). Scary thing is that at points I was in a daze, on autopilot, and when I zoned back it I realized that there were whole sections of the drive I don't remember at all. When I turned south on Interstate 81 I turned off the radio and just enjoyed the mountains and the wind.

At the memorial service for Chuck, I was totally taken aback by how much his brother looks and sounds like him. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I just didn't notice before. I heard a ton of great stories about Chuck. Isn't that what most of would be remembered? In so many ways time just seems to blow by much too fast, an hour glass that is empty too often before it should be that you can't turn back over.

The anniversary party was a lot of fun. BBQ, family, friends, music, volley ball, lots of children, and a Wii projected onto an outdoor screen. I just enjoyed being there. It is so nice being nestled up in the mountains as afternoon fades to twilight and evening, the air cools down, the stars come out, and the dew settles on the grass creating an eclectic ballet of inebriated people trying to walk on a slippery slope in the dark at 1am. :-) My feet are big enough to be skis so no problem for me once I got my balance (until then I was careening and flailing like a giraffe on roller skates).

I get to drive up to DC later this evening to spend the next couple of days working there. There are a few people I'm hoping to meet while I'm up there! But more on that in another post.

Every time I am here in Blacksburg I just don't want to leave. The mountains all look like green comforters that I can just pull over me and go to sleep. That is how relaxed I feel out here. In the fall the leaves make the scenery look like an amazing patchwork quilt. I'm looking out the window of my friend's office at the broad leaf trees blowing in the wind and sunshine...think I need to head outside now!

Hope yours was a great weekend!


  1. sigh... i gotta get up to the mtns!!!!!

    and call me on your way back past my exit... you know, just so i know it's still there ^_^

    have a great time!

  2. There is no place that makes me happier than the mountains...especially the Blue Ridge in NC. But I know what you mean -- when I'm there, I hate to leave. And despite never having been lucky enough to live there, I feel more at home there than anywhere else.

    Safe travels!


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