Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Physics, Why Matter Matters!

This is a children's book that my son found at a book fair this year. It is written by Dan Green, ISBN:978-0-7534-6214-0. The book is fantastic and the author really does a good job bringing the Physics down to a child's level (as much as it can be). My son read it four times and then carried with him everywhere he went.


  1. I've shelved that book many times, and given it a look through, but it sounds like one of those titles I should probably pick up to have around here, especially with two curious boys always peppering me with questions!

  2. oh yeah! thx for posting this, because i forgot to pass it on.

    btw it wasnt chris or steve, but pete! but now they are all going to read it =o)


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