Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If you think I'm busy at home...

You should see me on a business trip. Since Friday afternoon last week I have been in overdrive. I was preparing to leave on this trip until late into the night. I was up early packing and making sure I had everything. I was up late Saturday with the party. I got into the hotel about 10:30pm Sunday night, but was up past 1am writing a post as a guest blogger! More on that soon.

I was also trying to meet up with a few fellow bloggers in the evenings.

As it was I met two, and I should get to talk to a third this afternoon, but I'll have to write about them later. Amazing left handed people. I'm awestruck, really.

Every single second has been filled since I've been here. I'm exhausted. It isn't over yet. I may call in sick Thursday and just collapse all day. I have loved it though.

Have a great day!


  1. Do tell: who did you meet? I got a glowing email from one blogger about you... who was the other? Good for you for reaching out. How fun!!

  2. Sounds like a FUN FUN time!

  3. Re: SMS's comment...I told you I'd spread the word.

    A hot commodity, my friend.

  4. Me, me, me... I was the conversation due to scheduling and traffic and everything else. But I do want to tell all you guys that CCD is not only amazing fun and nice to talk with, but he is polite and so very interesting as well. I look forward to the opportunity to actually sit and chat!

  5. and you tried to tell me you don't have a fan club... whateva dude (*_*)

    haha. jk! glad you had a good trip and i hope you saved some energy for the weekend!



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