Monday, January 14, 2008

AVID...Advancement Via Individual Determination

My son's teachers think he would be a very good candidate for this program next year. The problem is that it is not taught in the school for our district.

Does anyone have any experience with this program? My son already wants the advanced classes and is in them. The main thing this program would hopefully help him learn is organization and the other non-academic skills needed to succeed at the collegiate level. It sounds good on the surface, but I'm curious as to what it really entails. So far the information I have found has been sketchy, and nothing from the school it is currently being practiced in. It may mean my son needs to give up an elective, which he would not like either. It also means leaving the friends he has made at his current school to go somewhere else. I would also need to figure out transportation, which will probably be the factor that ultimately says no to this idea.


  1. Never heard of it...but it's got its good and bad points.

  2. AVID is a college-prepartory elective class offered in 10 schools in Virginia Beach which include:
    Tallwood High School
    Kempsville Middle School
    Landstown High
    Salem High School
    Cox High School
    Salem Middle School
    Landstown Middle School
    Green Run High School
    Great Neck Middle School
    Kempsville High School
    The AVID District Directors in Virginia Beach are Susan Adcorck and Kellie Mason in the Virginia Beach District office. If you want more information about AVID please check out the AVID website: or contact me
    Cheers, Linda
    Linda Powell-McMillan, National Director of Program Development, AVID Center, San Diego, CA


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