Monday, January 28, 2008

Ever been to the southern hemisphere? Thinking out loud blog....

Without someone to stay with my son this year while I go out of town for a couple of days I'm not likely to see Utah like last year. So I was thinking about where I could snowboard over the summer.

Any guesses?

Chile, New Zealand, and Australia. Flights are just a few hundred dollars more to New Zealand than to Chile. I haven't checked on ski packages in New Zealand yet, but for around $700 all inclusive, I get 7 days in a backpacking youth setup at Portillo, Chile. Almost $2000. Portillo includes 4 meals a day :-). I would fly into Santiago. New Zealand is a whole different story. Almost $2000 for idea about accommodation's and lift tickets.

Anyone have any experience with this? Anyone want to go? Well, I can almost assure you that I cannot afford it...just dreaming, but the idea of going to any of those three places is quite appealing to my adventurous side. July/August time frame.

Alternately, I can do a very cheap trip to Cozumel for Scuba Diving. :-)

My girlfriend wants to do an Eastern or Western Caribbean Cruise. That would be fun too. Bon Aire is supposed to be great for scuba divers.

Other things that have come up were Catalina Island in California. I could go there with my son, then drive up to Monterey or Yosemite, or both, then fly home from San Jose.

Key Largo also for scuba and snorkeling.

Just bouncing a lot of ideas around. Have to start budgeting for something.

The photo behind my page is this:

From Snowbird, Utah in 2004. I was lucky enough to go out there for work once and get some snowboarding in. I really like Salt Lake City and the snowboarding opportunities there. You can make it a VERY inexpensive trip really. The skiing is <30mins from downtown Salt Lake. You can stay in a cheap $50 a night hotel and get a superpass for about $40 a day that acts as a buss pass and an all day lift ticket at five different resorts. If you have a friend you can split a rental car and the hotel and then the major expense is airfare. In all, I bet it is cheaper and more fun going to Utah than to stay several days at any East Coast ski place that doesn't have a tenth of the snow, views, or amenities. :-)


  1. All of those sound incredibly fun! I'm making a note for Utah, that is MUCH prettier than Wintergreen -- the only place I've taken my Snowboarding son...

    I have no advice to help sort your head out. I plan to try kiteboarding this summer in S. Carolina, if funds line up as I hope. *crosses fingers*

  2. Angie,
    Utah is spectacular and you pretty much can't go wrong out there.

    Good luck with the kiteboarding. My brother has been working with those kites and stuff for a while...they are very tricky. Where in SC will you be going? You have to try Bessinger's BBQ if you haven't already, and assuming a aren't a vegetarian. Stone ground grits with any kind of seafood is delicious too!!!

  3. I am a little worried about the kiteboarding, although tenacious, I am kinda wimpy :) But, we are going to a "girls camp", so maybe I won't feel so bad! I typed wrong -- We are going to Waves, NC. They have "Real" kiteboarding school out there.

    And I may have spoken too soon, as I just found out the girlfriend I was going with is getting married this summer. So, I think the funds will cover the bridesmaid dress, etc.


    I guess my summer will be limited to camping and pool time!

  4. I know how you feel. I grew up in SLC and I know that hill. this year to much snow, which makes for dangerous skiing.

    I am your one stop shop for So America. I go there every August and ski ski ski. Portillo is nice and there is nothing like it in the western states. There are other places, like Termes de Chillian 6 hours south by train. Look at Las Lenas, best lift served back country skiing in the world. some runs take 2+ hours to get back to the resort. Ask as many questions as you want. . .I love So America.

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