Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some AVID information and my conference....

Thank you very much to Linda Powell-McMillan for leaving this on my blog today! It was very timely. The conference today went very well. I think the program is a good one for my son, and I actually know one of the AVID teachers in one of the High Schools. The biggest hurdle at this point is arranging care that would provide transportation to and from the school since it is out of district for me here. I talked to his current before and after school care provider tonight and they are 80-90% sure that they will be providing that care to that school next year. I needed some good news and some affirmation today...I'm thankful to have gotten some.

AVID is a college-prepartory elective class offered in 10 schools in Virginia Beach which include:
Tallwood High School
Kempsville Middle School
Landstown High
Salem High School
Cox High School
Salem Middle School
Landstown Middle School
Green Run High School
Great Neck Middle School
Kempsville High School
The AVID District Directors in Virginia Beach are Susan Adcorck and Kellie Mason in the Virginia Beach District office. If you want more information about AVID please check out the AVID website:

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  1. Your son is so blessed to have you... You're a great dad, I hope you know that.


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