Wednesday, January 09, 2008


My son's teachers have insisted that he take advanced science, math, and english next year. They want to meet with me next week to discuss other options as well. He is in advanced classes right now, and the teachers were worried that with his other issues that there would be big problems this year. When I talked with them in December they said that none of those had manifested to this point. While he has a way to go on some non-academic skills, he is doing super with his classes. His counselor has been thrilled to see him so happy. We still have bumps in the road, but they come much less often and are far less severe.

I have started taking dance lessons. Something I have always wanted to do, but not enough to make the time. Our group has a "Battle of the Sexes" event every month or so and in April we decided to do a Dance Off. So every Sunday between now and then I'll spend an hour in a private group lesson learning a dance and even doing some choreography for a studio showcase.

Piano is going well for my son and I both. I'm about to go get the next two levels of books for his lessons and read through them. I'm playing various parts of a bunch of songs. I got a book of learning adult easy christmas songs. I LOVED playing those. I still have so much to learn, but it has been crazy fun. My bird can nearly whistle "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" and "The Entertainer" now because of the piano. :-)

Friday night is Glaze and Fire night. We are getting some parents and kids together to go paint pottery. Saturday is basketball in the morning and piano theory in the afternoon. We also have to do a model of an element. Of the 92 elements that occur naturally that my son has to choose from, he chooses the biggest, Uranium. U-238 to be exact. 92 protons, 92 electrons, and 146 Neutrons. We have to build one. The electrons we have figured is the nucleus that we are still debating on how construct. All the while I'm trying to explain the difference between molecules and elements, why we can't actually see the nucleus of an atom, and why U-238 can't seem to hold it's act together (there are no stable isotopes of Uranium, some just last longer than others).



  1. I'm thinking our children our in the same grade (5th) because my child is doing the same thing also. You gotta love those projects.

  2. Good lord, you have a busy week. When do you get any down time?

    Pottery is fun. You two will have fun at that.

    Congrats on the piano lessons.

  3. h2o,
    you are correct. 5th grade. he loves it for the most part. :-) I'll try to stay away from the whole recording industry and High Definition stuff gets my blood pressure too much anyway.

    Between 9pm and 11pm every night I find time to play some games with some friends online, talk to my girlfriend, catch an episode of southpark from my itunes, work on the various projects I have, etc. Not all together, and usually only two of those a night. Sometimes I'm up until 12 or 1am because I got caught up in something. I've been trying to make some time for me on the weekends while my son runs about the neighborhood. I also try to keep active in at least one sport a season. I try to sleep in on the weekends too, but I often feel so driven that I still wake up early and get going again. Early morning runs/bike rides/walks are the best anyway. :-) There is always Guitar Hero now too!

  4. You guys always have a chock-full schedule, I love that you do so many things with your son! My son was talking to me last night about Earth and some of the other planets, he is having a difficult understanding that we live on earth ~ not a planet called the United States or Texas.

  5. Let me know how fire & glaze goes! Hopefully we'll be able to join you the next time around!

  6. Yes, you're such a great role model for getting out there. You go! Dancing, doing sports, helping your son with h.w.... AND catching quality time with your girlfriend. Impressive.

  7. Impressive! Dancing, doing sports, working, helping your son with h.w.... AND spending quality time with your girlfriend. You go!

  8. That is a busy week. I got tired just reading this.

    Came over from Steve's blog.

    Take it easy.


  9. mommiebear,
    Texas isn't a planet? :-)

    I certainly will. I'm going to plan some other parents with kids things and I will let you know about those too.

    Single mom Seeking,
    I've finally got a decent support structure in place and I am learning to plan things out a little better. It has taken me years to figure it all out. It is working now and we'll see if it continues. :-)

    It isn't as busy as it sounds really. There is still so much I want to do that I just have to defer. I'll either get to it one day or not. Either way I'll be content with what I have accomplished. It is important for me to feel like I have accomplished something each day, even if it is a little thing like just getting my son out the door in the mornings... :-)

  10. I've unintentionally been away from here awhile, but it was refreshing to come back and find you as busy as ever, if not more so! It sounds as though the new year is off on a highspeed start!

    Good luck on that class project!


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