Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ravioli and Teachable moments

Tonight I decided to have some pasta. I had bought this Spinach and Four Cheese Ravioli package from Sam's. An impulse buy to be sure. Two large packages of Ravioli. Spinach and anything will sell me every time.

You really want both packages. The ravioli is delicious, even without sauce. It is also very FAST to cook. Boil water, 4-5 minutes on a very slow boil, done, and perfect. You need two packages to turn it into the teachable moment I had tonight. We learned about stove fires and turning on the correct burner.

Lesson 1 - never put anything on the stove that isn't immediately ready to be cooked.
Lesson 2 - Always double check the burner you are turning on.
Lesson 3 - What to do with a fire.

I put the pasta on a burner in anticipation of imminently boiling water. Then walked out of the room. A minute later my son calmly hollers, "Dad...I think you need to come here." I go in, and the package is melting on the burner. I quickly turn off the burner, turn on the correct one, and start pulling burnt raviolis off the burner. We talked about what he could have done if it had really caught on fire. He first said, "run out of the house." Which is probably best. He then followed with "put out the fire with water." It is right next to the sink. I told him that first he should remove the heat source if possible by turning off the stove. Then water to douse that particular type of flame. Grease fires are different. Water is bad because it will likely spread the burning grease all over. Better to use baking powder or some other type of smothering agent to choke out the Oxygen. We talked about where the fire extinguisher is and how to use it.

And lastly, from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, DON'T PANIC. :-)

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