Monday, January 21, 2008

We have a system, and it is kind of like NASCAR...

Well, neither of us are NASCAR fans but occasionally I have to put air in my tires. I hand my son the air gage and he starts on the driver side front tire (the one that always needs air). I go and start the air compressor he starts unscrewing the caps and reading the pressures to me. I start filling the ones that need air and he screws the caps on after me. It wouldn't impress NASCAR but it sure is helpful as we are always in a crunch for time. :-)

It is a nearly complete full moon tonight. We may head over to ARE around sunset to try and catch the moon rise from the hill and the Labyrinth. Here are some previous moon shots....The first is from a red lunar eclipse in March 2007. The second one was taken in a graveyard in Charleston, SC. The third was just a clear night in September 2006.

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