Thursday, January 03, 2008

He's Bored...

Bored to tears. Literally. My son, dying of boredom. 16000 lego pieces to put together. Video games I will actually let him play during the week, after 30 minutes of reading mind you and homework and chores. Bored. Doesn't try to play with the dart game, roller blades, skateboard, or other sorted presents from Christmas and before. He wants Zelda on the DS. Not until the weekend, and if he keeps fighting about it, not until the weekend after. If only he was this persistent about school.

Speaking of School. I went to the parent orientation for his middle school next year. Not much to tell, but he gets some electives. He wants art, Japanese, German, and Technology. For alternates he wants French and Computer Sciences II. I hope he gets what he wants. He is really working hard for it. He also wants the advanced classes for science, math, and english, but his current teachers would need to recommend him for it.

I read this today from Oh, The Joys "I am certain that to any outside observer I appeared to be a complete, raving lunatic. [Or talking on a blue tooth.]" and it really made me laugh. That is so me at times, though I refrain from talking on the phone except for if I am standing still or driving. Bluetooth is the only way to go with driving. Everything else distracts me too much. Texting for me is only while I am completely still. Otherwise I run into things, people, or off cliffs.

Nothing earth shattering or erudite, just another day.


  1. It's so true though, right? The blue tooth talkers look starking mad!

  2. Heh, I was at Walmart a few weeks ago and this business like man walked in going to town, wacing his hands wildly, on his blue tooth. There was an older gentleman and what looked like many his Dad standing there and the much older one gave the business man a "crazy" look and his son explained to him about the "no hands" cellphone. I couldnt help but giggle to myself.

  3. Oh wow, My son is only 2 but thats a good idea to get him to read and be active. I know I will run into that in the future!

  4. I thought I was the only one who couldn't drive and text, or walk and text, or eat and text, or shower and text...

    Good to know there are others who are as bad at running into things as I am!

    Happy New Year!


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