Sunday, January 13, 2008

Crazy Idea for a BOOK....

10 to 15 years ago I had this crazy idea....I wanted to get a motorcycle, a laptop, and a tape recorder. I wanted to drive all over the country and write down people's stories. Just sit in barber shops, coffee shops, diners, front porches, etc around America and listen to funny stories, sad stories, inspirational stories, odd stories, angry stories, and the list goes on. Everyone has a story to tell, a story that means something to them. I wanted to collect them and put them in a book called "America's Story" or something like that. I drifted back to this idea a few days ago and started thinking about it. While it would still be fun to do, people are getting their stories told through another avenue....Blogging. Though blogs, links to blogs, and blogrolls the book has already been written, and people are reading it. Thanks to the Internet, it isn't just America's story. There are people all over the planet that are sharing things about their lives, struggles, triumphs, thoughts, politics, knowledge, philosophies, religion, and laughter. God knows I need a good laugh now and again.

Thanks for sharing, thanks for writing!


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  1. So maybe that's the answer. Create a single place with bits and pieces of stories that you found to be particularly moving. Blogrolls are good, but not everyone has time to catch up on an entire blog when they click from yours to theirs. Maybe you could be the keeper of the "Best of Blogs" blog!

    Or, take the trip, and target the people who don't have access to the blogging world. As surprised as I was to discover as many blogs as I have, I'm sure I would be shocked by the number of people who don't even have internet access.


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