Monday, January 21, 2008

Just a little late...grrrr

I figured that the moon rise would be pretty close to sunset with it being nearly full and all. How did I figure that? Um, anecdotal observations, kind of noting that on full moon nights it kind of rises with the sunset...sort of. It didn't occur to me to even check for a moon rise chart until about five minutes before sunset. Instead of hanging out in the cold, I would give ourselves some time by waiting until sunset to head out. You could say I didn't plan it out very well.

The fact is that the the moon rise was at 4:21 pm in Va Beach. Roughly an hour before sunset. Conditions were near perfect too. We didn't even get in the car until 5:21, just minutes after my discovery. As we drove away from the house, the moon was already happily on its way across the evening sky. GRRRRR.

We still went and got some pictures. They are below. Maybe tomorrow the weather will still be good. It looks like the moon is rising nearly due east from the ARE spot. It would have made some great pictures tonight.


  1. awesome pic with the frozen fountain. You're a really good photographer!

  2. Steve,
    Thanks for saying so. It is a passion/hobby that I really like. We showed up for the moon, but the fountain was a surprise. And good thing since we really missed the moon. It is supposed to be rainy and warm tomorrow, so I may have to wait until next month. :-)


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