Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Each and every breath....

Is precious. Too precious to waste. A friend wrote me today to let me know her Grandmother had died. She asks the question about what we would do differently if we knew that this day or this month, or this season would be our last. What she wrote was beautiful and I will post it when I get her permission. Of course, we don't know when we have lived our last moment, day, month, or season. What would you do differently to change your immediate world? Do you approach everyone and everything with the idea that there is just HERE, NOW? What would you do differently if you did not have a later to make things right? Is it worth throwing away the important people and events in your life for the less important and more temporal, thinking you can make it up or start again later? What is truly the most important things or people to you right now? Do they know this? Do you show it?

Tonight Brandon and I met a group of parents at the Silver Diner. We had a great time just eating and talking. It was Super Hero night and we collaborated for the answers to a sheet of super hero trivia. Brandon was the star, he knew most of the answers. Two of the boys received comic books from a raffle. As parents we talked about our various parental issues and vowed to help each other out, make more events together, and take lots of trips to Busch Gardens! :-)

guten abent, aufwiederschreiben!


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