Monday, April 16, 2007

First day back at school....

not that anyone would read or notice, but Brandon had his first day back at school today. One of his teachers said he had a great day. I haven't heard from the other yet. Why is this even significant? Well, Brandon does well one on one, but put him in a large group, and then put demands like changing activities constantly, having to listen to teachers and other students, and having to follow strict rules without constant prodding and you have a very stressful situation for Brandon. My concerns have been on how Brandon would do after being in a place where it was strictly controlled but one on one and fairly relaxed for a week. It looks like he did fine. I will probably get more feedback tomorrow. It stresses me out too. I keep hoping for the best, but it seems I'm constantly disappointed. Even with all the professional involvement, it just seems to repeat.

Have a great night.


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