Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday...A sunny day despite the rain...

I've had a gnawing hunger of late. It hasn't been for the pancakes I made this morning. It has been more for the spiritual path I have left untended for far too long. It is overgrown and unrecognizable. So today I brought out a machete and began to hack away at the barriers. Brandon and I went to Church for the first time in several years. I've been working hard to get out and meet some new people, people interested in talking, sharing, softball, volleyball, kayaking, kickball, anything active, and anything social. People like me, or sort of like me in some ways. It has been revitalizing. There have been a few mis-steps so to speak, but overall it has been great. It is so nice to go some where with a group and have people that recognize me, want to talk to me, want me to participate in things with them, and are happy to have me there. Some of those people invited me to Church and I went today. Brandon and I both had a great time. As with all things with God, somehow the timing seemed right and the environment seemed right. The message was clear for the first time in recent memory, probably because I was open to it.

Brandon loved being in their children's church. Not too bad for a first impression. :-) He also got a gold fish out of the deal as the church gave them away with the message today. So, one aquarium, one betta bowl, one betta fish, and some fish food later, we are now the proud caretakers of a betta and a gold fish. Brandon read through all the directions and is taking care of them. The filter on the aquarium provides white noise too, so an added bonus at bed time.

We had Ice Cream with some of my new friends today. We had great conversation along with it. Brandon got to meet a few new children as well.

We went to the mall and shopped for a bit before going to see Meet the Robinsons. It is a great movie, but I could tell it touched Brandon. The movie dealt with the issue of mother abandonment, which Brandon feels acutely. Slowly I think he is coming to terms with the idea that his family is just he and I and that he is ok to have the feelings that he does. The movie ends showing that the outcome of these situations is never hopeless and to keep moving forward even when you may not want to. That is a message most of us could probably use.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


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