Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm drained...

So is my son. He threw a huge temper tantrum in the car on the way home tonight, and this is after one he threw Saturday night where I had to go get him from his grandparents. I have scratch marks and bruises all over. I took him to the emergency room, again. They had to help me restrain him. A great police officer helped us out and helped to calm him. The crisis psych person on staff thinks he may be mis-diagnosed with his ADHD. His counselor thinks he may be mis-diagnosed as well. The crisis person tonight believes he may be bi-polar, which can sometimes look like ADHD, but in children it is hard to diagnose because it may manifest itself in varied ways. If they would have asked tonight if he needed to go inpatient, I would have said yes. They did not. Hopefully we can see his doctor tomorrow. Is there no help out there for this?


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  1. Mike,
    I just came to your blog via the comment section on FTN's blog.

    I just read this post and the 2-3 posts above it. Don't know why I started there but I did.

    Anyways you are writing things here that could be coming from my blog or from my wife's blog ( Summer Rose )talking about our youngest son who is 6. We have had several diagnosis' on what is going on with him. Recently after a threat that he gave to a teacher about shooting his mom we were sent to the Crisis center in our county. The crisis center said the same thing that your crisis person said. We were also told that we *may* have to consider putting into an inpatient place for evaluation as well. But we were told 90 days, not a week.

    I would really be interested in contacting you and talking with you about the things that are going on with your son. I really want to know what came out of the in patient time he did and if things have changed since his time there back in April. My wife and I are at our wits end right now and are looking for any options we can possibly get.

    My wife and I wouls really appreciate being able to talk with you. Just to know that someone else knows what we are going through.


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