Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a week....

Monday begins with a senseless tragedy that became more unreal as the day wore on. News reports changing sometimes by the minute, sometimes with conflicting information, not really knowing what to believe, and desperately hoping none of it was true. We walked around part of the VCU campus Friday night and I was very encouraged by the support and displays of the VCU students. The outpouring of support for VT, the students, and their families has been impressive and uplifting.

Continue to remember the families and victims in other parts of the world too. It has been a violent week everywhere it seems. Looking back, this week seems to be some sort of focus for violence too.

It appears that Brandon's week went pretty well. I did not have any other feedback from his teachers. Keeping my fingers crossed there.

I had a great time in Richmond Friday night. I always do. Great food. Great company. No 3rd street diner this time though. However, camels and southeast Asia kept coming up.

If you are looking for a great Italian restaurant in Va Beach, I highly recommend La Bella Italia. Delicious food and great atmosphere. My new favorite Italian place in Hampton Roads.

Looks like I'll be playing softball and volleyball for the first time in years too. I'm very excited about that. Always good to be part of a team and have some fun!

The yard looks like something from a science fiction movie. The grass didn't really grow so much this week. But the dandelion stalks came back. So I have these tall stalks with round white heads on them distributed throughout the lawn. Looks like War of the Worlds on a very small scale.

Well, it's Sunday. The weather is excellent! Get out and have some fun!


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