Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All about choices...

We all like to have choices. We just may not always like the choices we have. My son is having a hard time learning that given a set of choices, if he doesn't choose one, one will be chosen for him. Should he choose to fight that, then all choices will be removed from him. His failure to follow directions also leads to a loss of choices. He did not bring home a sheet of paper that allowed him to make choices for lunch this week. As the cafeteria is closing out for the summer, they had to know ahead of time what the students would be eating. Because Brandon didn't bring the sheet home or make a choice, the choices were made for him. He did not like the choice that was made and exploded on impact. He hit, kicked, and bit his substitute teacher. He had to be forcibly removed from the cafeteria. He was so violent that his shirt ripped and he now has bruises on his arms. This is a pretty typical Brandon explosion. So I was called to leave work to come get him. He is now not allowed to come back to school the last few days of the year. He will now miss his end of school parties. His dad is not very happy with him. His choices went from plenty to nil because he could not follow directions. Such is life.



  1. I think it's in the air today...shortly after our head-buzzing experience today the boys decided to beat the snot out of each other.

    *hugs* to you both.

  2. UGH, not a great day. hopefully (many years from neow) this will be a lesson he remembers.

    OMG, I thin my dad used to say that.

    Crap. No I'm just an old fart.

  3. The consistency is so frickin important. Just keep on doing what you're doing. EVENTUALLY he will learn. Or heck, maybe not considering where my kid is at the moment. But he IS learning from his choices...even if they seem harsh.

    You're doing a good job, Mike. It's tough, but you're doing it. It's even harder doing it alone. Please take care of yourself, so that you can take care of him.
    And call if you need to talk.


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