Friday, June 15, 2007


WOW. I haven't had a week at work that has been this difficult in a long time. Not difficult in a bad way, just a lot to do, a lot of heavy thinking. The wine helped some, but last night I just vegged.

Going to take my son to dinner his last night here and then to see the fantastic 4 movie! WooHoo! We have a group going with some other children so it should be a "Fantastic" time....that's punny! sort of.


Have a great night everyone!


  1. I'm jealous of your "parenting time off". Enjoy!

  2. Emily:
    I'll probably just implode. :-) We'll see.

    Yes, probably. But thanks for having the energy to proclaim after I've worn you out.

  3. anon:
    Also, it would be less tedious for most of us if you could be a little more clear what this is about. You are posting anonymously so feel free. Perhaps I might be quite inclined to be less of a wearisome blogger with your divine guidance?

    Actually, I just quite puzzled. Maybe it is nothing.

  4. do most of "you" really, i mean really care? imploded yet?

  5. Hi anon:
    Yes, imploded for a little while, then got up and out. Thanks for sticking around, I think. :-)


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