Sunday, June 24, 2007

My run

I did 6 miles this morning on the boardwalk in under an hour. That is the longest run I have ever attempted, and I did it. Aside from motivational issues along the way it really was no problem. Legs and everything felt fine. I adopted a new breathing pattern that has really helped my speed and distance I think. I inhale two or three very shallow breaths, the let it out in one smooth long breath. Instead of trying to fill my lungs to capacity, I am actually trying to use as little air as possible. Sounds strange right? What I believe has happened in the past is that I was using up so much energy just BREATHING, trying to take in as much air as I could. I have huge lungs. So it was my back and sides that bothered me most during aerobic exercise. Now I feel like I can just keep going and air is just not an issue. :-)

If you are planning on taking your children to the new Harry Potter movie this summer, an activity you may want to plan ahead is to have a couple of movie nights where you watch the first four leading up to the new one. Our Meetin group here has bee doing that and I thought it was a great idea. Something to break up the monotony of summer. :-)

Another idea is to let your children watch "The Bridge to Teribithia", only stop it at the end of the day at the museum. Trust me, you don't want to go past that. Then take your children to a state park or some wooded area and just watch their imaginations unfold, stretch their wings, and take flight.



  1. Congrats on 6 miles. That's impressive and something to be really proud of.

  2. Now if I could just do it three and a half more times this week...I will have run a marathon! :-)

  3. I've a friend who would run a marathon daily, I think, if she could. She's just that addicted to the sport of it. I just wish I could run up the street and back. I'm not so sure I could feasibly run from an attacker! I keep my workouts to the living room or Y and they only involve jumping around!

    Good on you for always pushing yourself!

  4. I've been refusing to watch Bridge of Terebithia, because my daughter and I both read the book and the movie IS NOT LIKE THAT. :(

    Even though the book was very sad...but I also think it's important for kids to get to know about that sort of thing.

  5. That whole bit on breathing - I've heard something similar from friends who run. Breathing is key to so many physical challenges. It's key in yoga (yes, I'm a yoga junkie, have been since I was a kid). Kudos on the six miles dude :)


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