Friday, June 01, 2007

IEPs, outbursts, and more....

Well this morning we had the meeting for the IEP. More behavior charts, daily visits, etc. Brandon threw a pretty big tantrum this afternoon though. He pulled a girl's arm, kicked over a desk, screamed, all because he wanted to use the computer. They called me to come get him. Good thing I was almost there anyway. He is suspended for Monday. Time to get him to mow the grass with a pair of tweezers I suppose. Two more weeks....I am so not going to make it.

His vice principal did a phenomenal job of talking with him while I was there. I was awed. He was very responsive, which is unusual for Brandon. I was glad to see that.

He took a nap when we got home. I wanted to as well, but I had phone calls and such to make.

We strapped the kayak to the car and went kayaking at the state park around the corner. That was awesome. Another amazing evening. We saw a few Ospreys, a few Blue Herons, and an Eagle. The Eagle was huge. Brandon touched some barnacles, we raced a few boats, and we met some more great people. Brandon also managed to find an oyster, which we have to break open to see if there is a pearl in now. :-) Have to remember to do it first thing tomorrow, otherwise it will start to stink.

We went to my softball games after that. I so wish we had gone to Huey Lewis instead, but I was obligated. Tomorrow is running, biking, prepping for scuba Sunday, and Butter/better than ezra/sugar ray concert at the beach, shrek 3, and dinner. Something like that. If I fill my days up with stuff, maybe I won't feel so depressed right?


  1. I'd be willing to bet good money that he's acting out because he's nervous about going to Mom's for the summer (on top of school ending). (See? Aren't I swell at long-distance armchair diagnoses?)

    And don't fill your days *too* much. You have an opportunity coming up to rest and reflect. Don't let that pass you by!

  2. Well, you COULD fill it up with sex, like I do....

  3. we had our last IEP meeting about a week and a half ago. He is still being sent home from school. So the last time they sent him home I told the receptionist to have the principal call me. She never did. I called several times and she never returned my call. So my wife called her instead. She told the principal that if they can't keep him at the school without sending him home then they need to send him to the other school. The principal said that they can't send him to the new school til the begining of next year because this year is to close to being over.

    In the end we decided to just not send him to school for the rest of the year. We see no pnt in sending him to schol if they ae going to send im home 45 minutes after he gets there. They only have 8 days left anyways.

    No new breakthroughs here though. We are now trying a new medication (Depakote) and a new Dr. This one thinks that he has Bi Polar with a mood disorder. So we will see where this gets us. She said that with this diagnosis there really isn'tmuch to be done except give him the tools to use when he loses his temper or gets into tantrum mode. but like you said with your son it don't do much. He knows what to do but it goes out the window when it is time to use it. I have actually thought about getting our son a punching bag to hit when he gets upset. Tell hi "Here. Go out in the garage and hit this bag all you want until you are ready to calm yourself down."

  4. You can make it, it's almost over!
    Frankly I don't know where you get the energy to do all that stuff. Some days it's all I can do to get out of bed & haul my ass to work.

  5. i have an 8 year old female fit thrower - usually over something like her pony tail isn't right. i feel your pain. and wish you some peaceful days.


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