Sunday, June 03, 2007


Got up at 5am. Made coffee. Woke up boy. Picked up friend. Drove to Lake Rawlings. Made two dives. Drove back. Looked at houses with real estate agent. Adjusted pictures from the day. Too tired to write anything else! More later.

You can see all of the pictures from the dives (179 of them) at my picasa web album for this trip.


  1. I was about to make a sassy comment on the water pollution until I saw the "film shot here" sign.

    Looks like fun, though!

  2. There is a part of me that wants to think I would dig diving because there is, somewhere, probably some beautiful things to see.

    But then, honestly, the thought of fish swimming around me just creeps me out!

  3. What is that in your hand? Looks almost like a can of spray cheese to feed the Blue Gill with.

    I'd love to learn how to dive to see things like that.

  4. Jules: have to stay busy...would go insane if not.

    Emily: yeah, it is a diving training lake. An old rock quarry that sprung a leak. The stuff there has been stripped of oil/grease parts and is carefully placed in there. The fish are mostly stocked, but now they have their own ecosystem.

    FDKG: The fish creep my so out too. But they are so cool. Once you are underwater, they just figure you are some new type of fish. They get a little curious, but mostly they leave you alone. The wet suit protects you from any that might get, um, too curious. Sometimes they even use you as shelter.

    CH: That is cheesewiz. It comes out in a nice stream and the fish love it. Practically any bright string will attract their attention though. Out where you are the water is much colder, but there are far cooler things to see. This was just a lake, but the mid-atlantic doesn't have a lot to offer aside from some low visibility wrecks.


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