Saturday, June 23, 2007

Notes to self....

Never run 4 miles just after downing a protein shake in June heat. I spent the last mile working really hard not to throw up. Running 8 - 10 minute miles though. Raining sweat. Wish I had someone to really work up a sweat with, seriously. :-) Chick that comment was for you... :-)

Sorry about some of the negative posts. Just bear with me ok? Between the lurker lately and the pictures I found this morning while pulling the RUSH pictures off it opened some wounds I wish like hell would heal.

Wish I could talk about my work more. There I'm very upbeat and really in my element. Scanning packets and alerts like the Matrix, tracking intruders through the network and across the globe, linking seemingly unrelated events together to reveal elaborate attacks and shutting them down, and forensically analyzing file systems for overt or covert evidence. I love to think well outside the box. You would be very surprised how much of your information is available for the asking with every connection you make, whether you think your are anonymous or not. Essentially nothing is protected on the Internet. ;-)

Ok, more to do! More later!


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  1. MMMMMMMMMMMM....naughty boy. You definitely need to work up my kind of sweat! Can't be beat.

    Sorry to hear about the "old wounds". I've actually ran across some stuff that's trying to reopen some of mine lately. I'm working hard to ignore them.


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