Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunday and some...

After the run Sunday I crashed for a bit, go figure. :-)

We went with meetin on a 3 hour tour. Kayaking that is, in Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. We did get lost. We had the threat of a storm. We had some shipwrecks, some by accident, some planned. We had an amazing amount of fun. After the festivities we went to Outback Steakhouse and then to one of the member's hot tubs! That rocked.

Monday was volleyball, but I didn't have any energy left over for anything else. :-)

Tuesday was supposed to be a run, but it was raining. I did go rock climbing at Dick's Sporting Goods. Nothing like being taunted by some blond dread locked waif of a girl that is belaying you while you struggle to get up their most difficult wall. Knowing she can scramble up with no effort all the way to the top. I'm lucky to make it half way. The other two are no problem though. Time to concentrate on that third one I suppose.

I hope to have a slideshow posted in a moment for my photoessay for the shitty blog survivor!

Have a GREAT day! Or just have a day.


ps: What I look like with clipped head after run this morning...

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