Saturday, June 16, 2007

Running away

I had a great run this morning. I started with a really good stretch, at least for my joints. I doubled my distance keeping the same time, 30 minutes. I'm still running slow, but half as slow as I was. Maybe I was running half as fast as I normally walk? :-) At least it felt like I could keep going. I even doubled my pace the last half of the last lap, and it felt awesome!

It is nice to cut out in the quite calm of the early morning. The sky begins to light up, the Earth herself begins to warm. The dew is lifting, the air is still cool and clean going into my lungs. The birds and squirrels are chatting fervently as they gather food for the day, none of them paying me much mind. Occasionally I overtake or cross another person out for a morning walk. I haven't seen any runners yet. They are probably scared of this large lumbering person trudging about so early you know. The playlist is on low volume, just enough to hear and enjoy, but still listen to the morning sounds, and most importantly for cars. Cars sure don't listen for you.

The Playlist:
How to save a live The Fray
Superman Five for Fighting
100 Years Five for Fighting
Where do you go Sister Hazel

Mostly just "How to save a life". It is about a counselor trying to reach a difficult child. Like me trying to reach my son.

Well, it is Saturday. I think we are going to get a cheap breakfast then come back to wait for his mom! She is supposed to be here at 8:30.

Motivate! Go listen to some music! Run! Bike! Hike! Chores! Swim! Hang-glide!
Butter is at the 7th Street stage tonight at 7pm. Jazz at 31st Street!

And awesome recommendation for boys and girls...Nickelodeon's Avatar. You can get the series from iTunes, and you can probably find it on DVD. It is well worth it.

Out and about!

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