Friday, June 22, 2007

bits of randomness...poetry...and more

The Illusions We Choose to See

Green circle
Cardboard Neptuness
Warm white mocha voice
Randomness conjoins

Soft hum engines
City noise not so loud
Peaceful lull
Easy gentle kiss

Passion tea, passion tongues
Salt lick lips
Margarita memory
Fullness and warmth

Smooth sun skin
Dreamcatcher eyes catch me
Indigo star-sky
Old smiling karma~ I have always been yours.

She is the ocean, or reminds me very strongly of it.
She is beautiful, She is stormy, she is calm.
She is mysterious and wonder full.
Her hair is the color of ocean sand.
Her eyes are ocean green.
Her smile is the noon time sun,
Her smile is warm, inviting, tingling,
desiring to see it over and over,
basking in it is happiness
She is mine, or I am hers, or some semblance of them both.

The zephyr breeze is cooling,
Her hands are all the warmth I need.
Too much to eat, too much coffee to drink,
Never enough of her.

The circles of intimacy and trust

The circles of intimacy and trust
Not giving into worldly lust
Standards raised in humbleness
Lest pride and plague befell us.

The circles of intimacy and trust
About doing right and what's best

Conversation I had with a friend's daughter who is Brandon's age:
One night while sitting on the kitchen floor of the unfinished kitchen with Phoebe a very interesting conversation ensued….

Phoebe was discussing a story she had written in 2nd grade the previous year. She was telling me that she had also drawn a picture to go with it. She said she really enjoyed drawing. She then drew her picture again. It was a picture of a giant sundae (a statue in her story) with a huge spoon in it. Phoebe was very proud of her drawing.

She then started drawing on the other side of the page. She drew chaos. It was a veritable maelstrom of colors in a widely varying circular patterns all drawn continually on top of each other. I told her that it looked very pretty. And it did. She said, "That’s what grown ups say when they don't want to hurt your feelings. I made something for my dad and he said that's nice Phoebe, but he just didn’t want to hurt my feelings." Hmmmm.

I then said to Phoebe, "Well, your drawings are very colorful. Your swirls look to me like what I would envision the emotion of confusion would look like. It reminds me of confusion. Very chaotic, intertwining, and not being able to tell one thing from another." I told her, "Some of the best known artist are able to capture emotions with their pictures and the people that look at them can FEEL that emotion. That is what your picture did for me, it made me think of confusion." She beamed. She said, "I'm not a very good artist though." I said, "Well, it takes practice. Like all things, if you enjoy doing it, then the more you do it, the better you will get."

Phoebe's attention was then captured by a bead on the floor. She started pushing it down one of the troughs between the square tiles in the floor. Phoebe said at that point, "This is my life. I just keep going straight. I'm not able to turn left or right. I have no choices. I just keep going straight."

Putting my finger on a point in another trough, I asked Phoebe, "Would you like to get to here?" She said, "Yes, but I keep going straight."

I then said, "Well, you do have a choice. You can keep going straight until you reach this junction, and then you have a choice. You can go left, right or straight. It just may take a while to get there." Phoebe thought about that for a minute, as was I, trying to keep ahead of her. I thought of Robert Frost's poem 'The Road Less Traveled.'

Gaining what I thought was a little inspiration I said, "You know, this is very much like what one of my favorite poets described in his poem 'The Road Less Traveled'. He started with "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood." This is a little like what you were saying. You keep going straight for right now, but one day you be at a place where you can make a choice. Robert Frost then said that he was sorry he could not travel both because he was one traveler. So he looked at both of them very carefully because he wanted to make the right choice for him. He liked the one that was "grassy and wanted wear" because it looked like it was less traveled. He also said that knowing how way leads on to way that he would probably never come back to that point so he knew that he had to make a good choice."

Phoebe looked up at me and said, "I want to take the road that has the most people. And I want to take the high road, not the low road." I told her, "Well, at the point that you get to make your choice, you will have lots of reasons for choosing one road over another. Robert Frost wanted the road less traveled, and when he looked back he was very happy with his choice. Someone else, like you, may come to the same point and say, 'I want the higher road.' And therefore at the same intersection, many people will have many different wants and will choose a path for many different reasons, all based on what they want."

At this point I figured it was a good point to leave Phoebe to her thoughts so I suggested that we go upstairs so that I could find her mom, and Phoebe could get ready for bed.


  1. Wait, on top of those good looks you're DEEP too? Dayum!

  2. No, not really that deep. I have too much going on in the real world that precludes me from coming up with any original thought. It keeps me from being too creative as well. I've been trying to reconnect that, but it isn't working right now, most of my blog should be evidence of that! :-)

    Hopefully I can make some changes soon that will help.


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