Thursday, June 07, 2007


My son's new favorite game is Scrabble. Tonight was kind of cool because I was building a word a little at a time and getting ready to nail one that would give me two triple word bonuses...Okay, not really sure what the official rules say about it, but it was exciting for me to think of multiplying the large word score by SIX! Brandon was stuck though. The word was reviews, and all I needed was a 'P'. Brandon knocked his letters over and I saw he had a 'P'. He was a little frustrated at not being able to create the words he wanted, and he wasn't really seeing his opportunities. So I mentioned that he could put one letter down and make the grandaddy of all scores. He looked around and he found it! 96 points for putting down one letter. He was thrilled. I had to help him on a few others. When we stopped, he was definitely ahead. We actually used all but one letter a few nights ago in a game. I have a huge dictionary that we use to look up word meanings and stuff too. In all it is a lot of fun. It is one of my favorite games, Boggle is another. Sure, neither are super exciting, but putting things together, puzzles, etc, opportunities to stretch my brain a bit...I'll take them, especially if my son is in for it too.


  1. Scrabble and Boggle are my all time favorite games....well, after the "obvious" one, that is.

  2. mmmmm Scrabble. My favorite game, followed slightly by UpWords.

  3. Love Boggle. We actually play it at work on our lunch hours. It's something to take your mind off work and yet, still do something intelligent.

    That is so cool that you can play those games wtih him.

  4. Am I the ONLY one here who likes pictionary? LOL

    I think it's great to get kids involved in word games--plus they sound a lot smarter than other kids. :)

    (TIME TO PLAY SURVIVOR!!--First task will be Saturday)

  5. (responding back to your comment)

    Billy Squire? Dang, I love that guy. One of my favorites from back when. Glad to hear Styx is good. That the band I was most worried about.

    btw, feel free to email if you want. Hard to respond back to your comments

    recaps @ hygienechronicles . com

  6. I luff the scrabble, though my hubby tends to beat me...every single time.

    If he likes scrabble, ya'll might want to look into a game called Word Theif. Its almost as fun.


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