Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just to clarify:

My son is staying with his grandfather for the next couple of days. :-)

No hang over this morning, it took almost three hours to consume the bottle. :-)

I did sleep well though. Certainly didn't want to get up. My run will have to wait until this afternoon now.

And good news: Saturday evenings through the summer, the 31st street stage has a jazz group starting at 7pm. Sitting out in the little park next to the beach, enjoying the last of the summer sun for the day, letting the evening breeze off the beach cool you off, and just chilling to some good jazz is a great way to end any Saturday.

Yesterday was a killer day for me at work. Today has got to be better.



  1. Oh I hope you enjoy your down time from the parenthood. That Saturday evening jazz sounds great - we live near one of the city halls (Toronto is one of those mega cities so we have a few) and they have different concerts on the weekend evenings. Nothing beats good music in the outdoors. Enjoy!

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  3. I'm assuming since it's now midday Friday that the day was better for you. Or else something dreadful happened, the after effects of the wine kicked in, something and that's why there's no update!


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